Stanley Dětský

The leader, trumpet player and singer has graduated from the conservatory in Ostrava. He plays a broad choice of music styles ranging from classic to brass music, pop, Dixieland, and Jazz - all at a professional level. After completing his studies, he played for 8 years in the orchestra of the theatre in Ostrava and then for 7 years in various bands on ships sailing to the USA. He played in Burinky orchestra for three years, and after that he had contracts all over Europe. He is a wholehearted trumpet player who has devoted all his life to this instrument.

Roman Volný

Plays the clarinet and has graduated from the conservatory in Ostrava and JAMU in Brno. A great and multifaceted musician who can be heard regularly at the Janacek Philharmonic in Ostrava. A first-class saxophone player who has been playing all over Europe.

Milan Rusnák

A trombone player who has received his education at the conservatory. One of the best jazz trombonists in Moravia and a very popular musician playing jazz, musicals, pop, classic and brass music. Permanently employed on the German ships (AIDA, MS Columbus...) as a member of the show orchestra on which he has crossed all of Europe.

Jan Habernal

Tenor banjo. John is an avid lover of his four chiming strings. He comes from a musical family with long musical tradition. He has begun to hone his instrumental skills from an early age, but later he developed his own original style mainly due to the long nights in the clubs of Olomouc. Very often he can be found while strumming his guitar or banjo and thus sweetening the stays to the visitors in the underground cellars of Moravska metropole until the early morning hours. Lifelong jazz maniac, guitar player and banjo instrumentalist in several musical groups whose common link is the love of the immortal jazz style in various forms of music. He's top jazz banjo player who raised levels of our band another few notches higher.

Tomáš Ličman

Tom is our new sousaphone player. He is only 20 years old but despite his age. He is very good musician. He is studying subject tuba - conservatory in Kromeriz. We are pleased that another young musician starts to play our music.

We have all completed higher education in music schools or conservatories.