A little bit about us

Welcome on our homepage. We are five musicians and we are called Stanley's Dixie Street Band. The word "street" in our name means that we are not playing some kind of sophisticated jazz but classic, marching Dixie music, going back to the roots of this type of music - music that people across generations can identify with.

We play unplugged whenever possible to keep up with the genre's somewhat archaic sound style. Whether we are playing on stage or lawn, we do not need amplifiers or other technology to create the necessary atmosphere.

We have a very broad repertoire, including classic Dixie, swing, blues, .... Our music is ideal for events such as old-timer exhibitions, golf competitions or horse races, and last but not least, various presentations, auctions and other evening events.

Finally, our appearance is in accordance with the Dixie style of the 20's. The vocals are very effective through the use of "a voice tube".

Our band is composed of

Stanley Dětský - bandleader, trumpetist, singer
Roman Volný - clarinet
Milan Rusnák - trombone
Jan Habernal - banjo
Tomáš Ličman - sousaphone

We have all completed higher education in music schools or conservatories.